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It's happening again this year. I am raising money for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. This year we have personal donation websites. You can go to my personal website and donate online. It only takes minutes and it goes to a great cause! If you have any questions or have tax deduction questions, you can contact me by e-mail at followingtulips@yahoo.com. Remember, every penny counts!

My personal site:

See how our team is doing as a whole:
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I made some Banners and a couple icons! I am your new Co-mod Autumn and tell me if you want to see more!
{5 banners}
{2 icons}

Comment and Credit on icons please! <3


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Here is a Jenn/Bam icon that I made. I only had the time to make one right now but figured I may as well post it up anyway. Please credit me if you decide to use it.

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The Dinner with Jenn has gone down to $540 so they must have weeded out all the people that though it would be funny to bid high amounts but weren't willing to pay, which is good. I don't know about anyone else but i'm waiting to see the ring go up. I've always wanted to see a proper picture of it, the one I saw from Star magazine wasn't very clear.