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December 31st, 2005
Sorry i havnt updated in a while. but i came across this on the bam margera messege board:


You can win a dinner with jenn, nd than go out for drinks. Also she has other autions up for bid, nd its all bams stuff. Personaly, i find most of the stuff weird. Like, shes auctioning his gas cap to his car, nd his old blockbuster card.

heres the link to bams stuff shes selling:

hope everyone had a wonderfull christmas, nd happy new years eve! :]

Your mod,
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This community hasn't been very active for a little while so here's a couple of icons I made a while ago. Feel free to use them. Credit if taking.

Jenn Icon 5

Jenn Icon 6

Also if you post on any message boards or any other websites and come across any Jenn fans or even just fans of the crew, let them know about this community. There are banners in the user info that you can use. :)
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Mod App

1. Why do you want to be a mod here?
I am a huge Jenn fan, I know tons of information and websites with photos and interviews. I like to make banners and icons constantly and would like to direct it toward something constructive. Did I mention I love Jenn?
2. Give 5 reasons why Jenn Rivell rocks
-Though many people portray her as the woman behind the man, I see her as MUCH more than that. I know she has talent as a singer, an actress, a hair dresser, and many other things.
-She has a great sense of humor and a lovely way of expressing it
-She is beautiful inside and out without even trying. She is naturally glowing
-I love strong women and Jenn has proven herself as one. She keeps on going after the hard times she's been through and takes all those haters with a grain of salt.
-She has shown what a good person she has in several occasions that I have viewed some of them are: The fact that she is a good mother by keeping Elle pretty well out of the way of the media and the internet by saying she would appreciate it if picture were not posted and people would not talk about her. On Radio Bam, she called hearing about a land slide I believe, to see if Bam was okay even though it was in an entirely different state. On Viva la Bam she tried to get all of April's precious things out of the house before the boys tore it up. And even though it was just a glimpse, on cKy 3, I believe I saw her helping Ryan Dunn remove the cast on his arm.
I could go on, but I think I have proven my point. =)
3.Are you an active member?
I comment on most posts and plan to be more active, which is why I decided to apply for the mod position. I am online every night and constantly check Live Journal
4.Can you make icons and banners for this community?
Edit: I decided to make a banner for my Mod Application. Even if you don't choose me, you can still keep the banner if you want to.

5. Whats your favorite scene on Viva La Bam with Jenn Rivell on it? Explain and give detail on what it was
In Season 3, Episode: Fort Knoxville, when Raab, Dico, Bam, Knoxville, Dunn, and Jenn are all at the restaurant and Johnny starts to slurp and snort in Bam's chowder, the camera shows Jenn face and she goes: "Eww" then procedes to show her disgust by gagging. When Bam comes back he eats some of the chowder and then says they have done enough pranks and call it off, Jenn goes: "Uh-uh!" Then a bit later she says: "No! Nothing will be even!" I love that scene <3

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Blahx47!! I feel like the worst Mod ever!! =/

I havn't been very lj friendly in the past months! Been so busy!! im soo sorry! anyways,

Welcome all new memebers! I'm the mod here! and laylay is our co mod! =]

Thank you laylay for the new banner in our community! its veryyy pretty!! =] you did a awesome job on it! Thank you for being here, when i wasnt!

Now im back. && will be more lj friendly! =D

Promote!! && update more on here!

Your mod,

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